About us

A view of economics for everyone,
with no math required

This is a project born out of a desire to learn.

Join and watch our informal conversations about fascinating ideas with leading economists all over the world.

what is ezgc?

Economists on Zoom Getting Coffee are fun conversations over coffee --just as friends do-- about big questions.

It is a space meant to create a diverse community of people from different walks of lives, with different perspectives, and from different origins, with only one thing in common: love for economics.

Through casual conversations, our goal is to learn about many topics that in other settings might require formal training.

Our goal is to become a resource for anyone. Just anyone who wants to learn more about how economists think about the big questions that they devote their careers to.

who is The host?

Dany Bahar is an Israeli and Venezuelan economist. He is an associate Professor of the Practice at Brown University, and an senior fellow at Harvard Growth Lab. He is also affilated with the Brookings Institution, the Center for Global Development, CESifo and IZA. His research sits at the intersection of international economics and economic development. Bahar holds a B.A. in systems engineering from Universidad Metropolitana (Caracas, Venezuela), an M.A. in economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an M.P.A. in international development from Harvard Kennedy School and a Ph.D. in public policy from Harvard University.

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